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9 Feb 2022

Build Free Websites With These 5 Best Website Builder Platforms

If you also want to create a free website for your business or for any reason, you can create a blog, download site or professional business site using the online website builder sites provided below.


The 5 best online software for building a website


Use the first 3 mediums to create a great and profitable site for you. Today, millions of people are creating their own blogs or websites using these 3 mediums.


1. Create a website with Google Blogger


If you want to create a free blog site, I consider blogger.com the most straightforward and profitable way.



I already told you in my article on how to create a blogger blog. You will now know the whole rules for creating a blog site.



The blogger is very confident in being a Google service or product. With Blogger you can create a personal blog, a site for your business or company and an online shopping website. And, all for free.



Blogger is the most used blogging platform today and thousands of people have created many types of sites through it.



You can create many different types of website themes or templates and create another kind of blog or site.



On the Blogger platform, you will find all kinds of settings and options for creating a professional website.


2. Site created by WordPress

If you are looking for the rules to create a website in a simple and straightforward way, WordPress.com might be the best one for you.



First of all, you need to create a WordPress account of your own.



After creating an account you will get an online software for creating your website. This is called the WordPress Dashboard.



You can survive any one template or website design from many types of templates.



Here you will find thousands of websites design or theme. You can create a template or theme as you want to create a website.



There are all kinds of options on the left side of the WordPress dashboard, which you can use to easily customize your website, customize, edit, write articles, add pages and more.



Hey on WordPress.com you can use a free site to create everlasting life.



Many use WordPress to build their own professional website for their own business and personal. There are many easy, good, professional and modern ways to open a new website.


3. Webnode.com – free website builder


Webnode is an online website software or tool that allows you to create professional and modern websites.


With it you can create a business website, blog or one-page site. And you can do it for free without any money.


Using Webnode, you can also design and design sites from your mobile.


Using straightforward drag & drop and easy customization settings, you can create a new website without having any coding knowledge. And, thousands of beautiful templates and website designs are enough to make your site attractive.


So don’t be late, visit the Webnode website builder site now and create a professional website or blog for yourself.


4. Weebly.com – Create a free website


An online shopping store, blog or beautiful website can all be created by you with the Weebly online website creator software. The rules for creating websites here are very straightforward.



Using Drag & Drop Website Builder, beautiful website design and theme, you can create a professional website, blog or online shopping store for yourself without any coding or web design knowledge.



If you want to build an online shopping site in a special core, Weebly will do a lot for you.


5. WordPress.org – CMS software


If you are thinking of opening a website, you can use the WordPress CMS SOFTWARE.


This is not an online website building software or site. This is free software that you can use to open any kind of blog or website.


And, 80% of people use this WordPress CMS software to create websites. Most of the famous websites on the Internet are made up of it.


With WordPress, you can create any kind of website at any time. It is possible to create an online store, blog, company site or any site for free.


Remember, you must first buy web hosting to build a site that contains WordPress.Org or WordPress CMS software installed.


After purchasing any web hosting you can go to the control panel and install this WordPress software than build the website. This is one of the best ways to build an SEO friendly modern website.