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9 Feb 2022

What to do if your favorite website doesn’t load suddenly?

If you do not load sites like Facebook or Twitter suddenly it is normal, as these sites may be blocked from your office or workplace.



But your favorite websites, there is no reason to get frustrated if you do not load.



In this article, I have shared some tricks that will tell you what to do if your favorite website does not load suddenly!



Probable cause


There are many reasons not to load a website, but no worries, you don’t have to be a huge tech geek to find these reasons. Many can easily find out where the problem really is. Many times over-site traffic, code errors and even cyber-attacks can result in page errors.



The refresh button is sufficient in the browser to solve such problems, and there is nothing to do. If you have to wait for any server-side issues and refresh the page, the site will be loaded into your browser as soon as the site authorities fix the problem.



On the other hand, the problem may be in your direction.



Your internet security software may have blocked the link to that specific site or you may be having problems with your firewall, sometimes many sites may fail to load the browser extension or ads blocker tool.



So the first thing you need to do is check the link to see if the website is open for everyone.



Moreover, you can check Facebook or Twitter pages, as many people will post on social media if the site is not loaded.



If the site displays the results that are up, then you should understand that there is a problem with your end.



Fixing can be very easy. You can disable or uninstall Temporary Security software.



Then check your firewall rule to see if the link is blocked.



Now you can change the browser or enter the incognito mode of the current browser and try loading the site.



If that still does not work, then you should check your computer’s host file, the host file is like an address book on your computer, which contains information on your host file about the site that may not be loaded on your computer.





After you take the above steps, your favorite website will start loading, but even if that doesn’t work, there are some fixes.


If your favorite site might be blocked from your ISP – Internet Service Provider or Government, then I can bypass VPN access using VPN.



VPNs or virtual private networks spoof your IP address, so it behaves as if you are visiting from a different country and where your preferred site is not blocked. You can also bypass the blocked sites using a proxy, tor network.



For many people who do not want to install VPN on PC, the startpage.com search engine can be a great one.



Search your site by typing the name and then entering the “Anonymous View” link without entering the direct link, thus you can bypass your country lock or ISP lock using the web proxy.



However, many times the website itself may be down, which means there may be a server problem or any technical problem.



At that time you will not be able to access the site profits. But if access is required then the cache version can be easily accessed. Many people, including Google, store the cached version of the site on their server, from Google search results there is a down arrow key next to the name of the website, clicking on it will see an option called “Cached” and you can view the cached version of the site.



There is a dedicated service called Wayback Machine where you can access the cash version of any old website by entering the link on any website.



This tool can be very useful if you have a website down many times and you really need to find many old pages.



Many times an old deleted article and you can find it from this tool. Because once uploaded to the Internet it is never completely removed.