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8 Feb 2022

Who invented the Internet? The story behind the creation of the Internet!

The Internet was introduced by connecting a few computers to a network structure. No one knew then that the Internet would be transformed into such a virtual world as it is today. No one or company has made this physical and virtual network as large as the Internet.



Over the years, many computer scientists, engineers, programmers have transformed a connected network into many features in today’s Internet.



So, the Internet’s inventor’s contribution should not be given to a single person or a single organization.



Not only a complete network but also many important technologies related to it, such as IP address, domain, email, packet transferring, make the Internet fully functional.



And they did not make one, many of the pioneers have discovered these things over the years


ArpNet is portrayed as the model and model of the modern Internet.


The basic infrastructure of the modern Internet was first revealed in ArpNet. Arpanet was created to make American military communications more efficient and efficient.



The idea of ​​the modern Internet, the World Wide Web, began with a wide area network. And the network name was Arpanet.


This ARPANET was a network developed by the American Advanced Research Agency (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network or ARPANET).



The first was Arpenet’s Idea for a Network and created by American scientist Robert Taylor. The work of this intercomputer network, called ArpNet, started in 1966.


The network, as well as the University of the city and the area, formed a regional energy network linked to the mainframe computer of the research institute.



Raymond Tomlinson later tested the first e-mail by sending the first electronic mail.



On the modern internet, data transfer is done through packet switching/data packets. Whatever data is here, it is divided into a few lyrical and numbered packets.



And interestingly, this packet-switching technology was used to transmit data to ArpNet. Accessing from one computer to another using ArpNet was very easy.



This ARPANET model, adopted by the modern  Internet, has gradually become better and better since 1966.


Vincent Surf and Robert Kahn are two of the legends behind the creation of the modern Internet.



Because they invented Internet Protocol (IP Address) and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).



With the discovery of technology in the mid-9’s, any type of Internet communication could be handled over HTTP or FTP through this IP address.



IP and TCP are called Internet Protocol Suites. Here communication between one IP address to another IP address makes TCP more reliable.



The current modern Internet connection is the Internet Protocol Suite.



You can access different pages or files of major mainframe computers or servers using IP addresses like numbers. However, remembering these big numbers is sometimes difficult, so a new part of the modern Internet introduced in 1985 is “domain name”.



In 1970, ArpNet introduced another revolution in communication, through the discovery of e-mail systems for communication.



Raymond Tomlinson was the originator of the email and electronic mail system. He was the one who picked this @simble for email.



Although initially used with IP address, this @ Symbol is also used to create an email address with domain address/name and it is happening.



In 1971 fast he sent an experimental mail, and he wrote in the mail “something like QWERTYUIOP”.


In 1990, Tim Berners Lee created HyperText MarkUp Language or HTML Language.



 The language used to publish the document in web version is still being done today.



 It gradually started to officially create webpages and became associated with many more languages.



 Tim Berners-Lee launched his first website on the Internet on August 6, 1991, where he described the web’s role in search of information. This was basically the introduction of the World Wide Web (www?).



Technology is vast and changing anytime, every time somebody is changing, enhancing and enriching the technology.



Therefore, one cannot be recognized for the technical invention. In the age of the Internet, the pioneers are the laborers of scientists, computer scientists, programmers, engineers.



No one has brought the Internet to such an extent today. With the efforts of these pioneering people, today’s Internet has turned into an “information superhighway.”


Although experimental and practical of the Internet was seen through Arpenet in 1966.


Yet many people have long dreamed of an active network like the Internet.



Nicola Tesla, the inventor of modern electricity, introduced the idea of ​​the “World Wireless System” in 1900, a program that was similar to the modern Internet.



From 1930 to 1940, technology visionaries Paul Otlet and Vanivar developed bus books and media files for searchable or searchable storage systems.



The launch of the modern Internet begins with the use of “packet switching” data transfer technology created by Scientific LickLider at ArpNet.